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Toyama Sushi
by pmnnsong121664 (09-21-2014)
"best sushi in town..."

by matthewdavis9179 (04-16-2014)

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1802 12th Ave. NW, Suite F
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 313-7378

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iSushi shares a large parking lot with other stores in the same strip mall.

August 12th, 2008:
iSushi is a conveyor belt restaurant located in Issaquah, so be prepared to pay Issquah-esque prices for conveyor belt-type food. Go during busy hours and be prepared to wait. Like most conveyor belt joints, though, iSushi is a great place to take beginners who want nothing more than being familiarized with sushi. Vegetarian sushi eaters will also find some things on the menu here for them, but seasoned sushi veterans should look elsewhere. Unfortunately, there aren't too many sushi joints in the Issaquah area that are worth your money, so maybe you'd fare better in another city.

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Don't do it..
  Posted Sep 22, 2010 by Oingoboinker
This place is OK at best. Sushi on a conveyor, not fresh. Salmon was rubbery... I would not go back.

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Hoo Hum...
  Posted Apr 01, 2009 by smitrya06
isushi was initially a wonderful place to eat, and it still is, HOWEVER the food quality has seriously fallen behind. the ingredients taste and appear not fresh in the slightest. When the food arrives its either blander than paper or stale and chewy. Usually it is a combination of the two. If you are looking for a quick meal then come down; but don't go for quality sushi.

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Best sushi, far and away.
  Posted Aug 11, 2008 by albseattle
I sushi, Issaquah just keeps getting better.In addition to the variety, presentation and consistent high quality, the staff is the most pleasant and attentive that I have experienced, anywhere.
Tonight I enjoyed their seared ahi tuna salad with seaweed and cucumbers. Superb! Compliments to Gina and staff.

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iSushi best kaiten food by far
  Posted Nov 26, 2007 by issaquah sushi killer
Food is always fresh, never had a bad plate. Lots of variety and specials, especially at peek hours. A bit crowded sometimes but they burn thru the waiting list very quickly. Best bang for your hard earned sushi dollar. I'm not interested in hearing about the water again at sushiman either.

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The best kaiten in the greater Seattle area!
  Posted Nov 26, 2007 by dreamy
Been there and done that with all the kaiten restaurants in this area and iSushi is by far the best all around! Sushiland is gross in comparison, Sushi Yama doesn't have the variety or ambiance, and Blue C Sushi is just plain bad and over priced. If you know your sushi, you can order what you want and I've never had any problems getting what I wanted. You can't compare with authentic sushi bars, but for Kaiten, this is the place to go!

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Great Quality- Good Price
  Posted May 21, 2007 by Sushi Lover
I go to I Sushi 2-3 times a week. I love it! The fish is always fresh. Service is friendly. And I like the ability to get 1/2 rolls for less than
half the price of other places, allowing me to have more variety.
Yes, Sushi Man has good Sushi also,
but hey, you don't have to here about
the WATER again. And all in all, though less variety, I like the Sushi just is well at I Sushi!

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